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The early gangster movies set the standard for all the great gangster movies that possess adopted. A number of gangster related films had been produced during the quiet era of movie theater. N.Watts. Griffith'h The Musketeers of Pig Alley from 1912, can be thought to become one of the initial. The Regeneration in 1915, Underworld in 1927, and Phe Racquet in in 1928 placed the research and ready the movie-going community for the traditional period of gangster films that began in the 1930s with the addition of sound. The fledgling genre was structured in gritty reality using such events as bootlegging during prohibition, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and real life personalities like Al Capone. The audiences adored to view stories, sculpted from the daily headlines, played out on the big screen.
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Playing the egotistical Caesar Enrico Bandello, made Edward G. Robinson an overnight star. Loosely based on the life of Al ello, B and Capone(Little Caesar) rises from a petty country criminal to a big time crime boss in this dark and gritty film. The 'crime does not pay' ending, leaves Bandello a fallen man. Even though the violence and bloodshed was mostly off screen, the film was withdrawn from distribution by the Hays Production Code and not re-released until 1953. shower curtains open or closed.

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Caesar Enrico Bandello - Edward G. Robinson

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Joe Massara - Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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Caesar Enrico Bandello: This is Rico speaking. Rico! R-I-C-O! Rico! Little Caesar, that's who! Listen, you crummy, flat-footed copper, I'll show you whether I've lost my nerve and my brains!

Little Arnie Lorch: Do yourself a favor, will you, Rico? Leave your gat home on the piano the next job you pull. Yeah, park it next to your milk bottle.